A RINO (Republican in Name Only) is an officeholder or candidate who is a member of the Republican Party, but holds views to the political left of most Republican voters. The term "RINO" describes politicians who claim to be Republican but are in fact liberal, and therefore generally debase the winning conservative coalition base of the Republican Party.

RINOs are often Republican only to the extent it serves their own interests, and will abandon conservative principles as soon as it is in their own interests to do so. RINOs often provide support for raising taxes, abortion as a rightgay rights and gun control. Some RINOs have connections with Planned Parenthood or corporations that support goals of population control; other RINOs pay lip service to pro-life values while in practice not advancing those values.

Double standards by RINOs are common: a birther comment by Romney during his campaign was supposedly a "nothing", but Todd Akin's pro-life comment would somehow "absolutely" could cost RINOs control of the U.S. Senate![1]

RINOs, like Democrats, typically come from states in New England, the Mid-Atlantic; or states on the Left Coast. A less-used term iscafeteria conservative, for a person who picks and chooses which conservative principles to believe, as a person might choose foods in a cafeteria instead of ordering the full-course menu selected by the chef at most restaurants.[2] In contrast to RINO's and cafeteria conservatives, movement conservatives understand that since conservative philosophy is a coherent whole, it is untenable to discard part of it without discarding all of it.

The RINO targets of attack argue they follow middle of the road policies and are not liberals; they claim they get results, and insist that without them the Congress would be totally controlled by liberal Democrats and Republicans would rarely have any success. Conservatives respond that in the heyday of "Rockefeller liberalism" in the GOP the Democrats always controlled Congress, and the GOP only took power when Newt Gingrich launched a national conservative "Contract with America" in 1994, ending 40 years of Democratic control of theHouse. The notion that we need to elect Democrat-lite type of politicians is false. The election cycles of 2010 and 2012 proved that many RINO candidates are unelectable. RINO candidates wasted millions of dollars; Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, Scott Brown, Linda McMahon, and many others could not connect with the people in liberal blue states.

In recent Republican primaries, voters have been rejecting establishment RINOs in favor of those with stronger conservative principles. Their commitment to self and not party is evident in their refusal to endorse the candidate that beats them. In some instances, they refuse the will of the voters and their party by running for office on an independent ticket. It is important to vote for someone who's more conservative on the issues rather than for a Republican because anyone can join a party and be they can be RINOs.


Rush Goes Off on Liberal Republicans. Rino Hunting!

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Any Republican who keeps voting for pork and corruption should know they are linking arms with Progressives determined to bankrupt America.

A train wreck of a law upheld by 23 RINOS

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Diane Sori

 Meet the Author: Diane Sori


 Thank you Senator Ted Cruz for helping we true Conservative Republicans in our efforts to weed out the RINOS in both the House and Senate.

Yesterday, after last week’s 21-hour ‘non-filibuster’ filibuster by Texas Senator Ted Cruz…with a little help from his friends Senators Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul…the Senate reached a vote on the Republicans efforts to avoid a shutdown of the government and to defund the dreaded monstrosity known as ObamaCare.

Sadly, our side lost as 23 RINOS sided with the Democrats, and in a vote of 79 to 19 invoked cloture and formally ended debate on H.J. Res 59 (Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014), and helped put into place the funding mechanism to destroy America’s health care system, America’s jobs market, and according to leading economists…one-sixth of the American economy.

Requiring 60 votes for passage, even a straight party line vote would have Republicans still losing in the Democratic controlled Senate, but at least it would have shown a united front. Instead only 19 true Conservative Republican Senators stood strong… Mike Crapo (Idaho), Ted Cruz (Tex.), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), Deb Fischer (Neb.), Charles Grassley (Iowa), Dean Heller (Nev.), James Inhofe (Okla.), Mike Lee (Utah), Jerry Moran (Kan.), Rand Paul (Ky.), Rob Portman (Ohio), James Risch (Idaho), Pat Roberts (Kan.), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Jeff Sessions (Ala.), Richard Shelby (Ala.), Pat Toomey (Pa.), and David Vitter (La.).

And we thank them for that.

As Senator Marco Rubio said after the vote, “Today, we had an important opportunity to stand with America’s working class and defund ObamaCare before it continues to hurt people even more. That did not happen. I will continue to fight to stop ObamaCare in its entirety and replace it with an alternative that truly gives Americans more affordable high-quality health care options without hurting their jobs, incomes and current health plans they are happy with.”

And hopefully, he will get all our support in that.

So back to the House the bill now goes and there will be a fight…a BIG fight…as Republican lawmakers in the House must pass a bill…any bill…and send it back to the Senate. However, they have said time and time again that ObamaCare is a disaster for the middle class, and that they will NOT pass any bill that funds it…and remember that funding comes from the House. So by vowing to reject the restoration of funding, the Republicans may instead decide to send the bill back to the Senate again with more changes. But with a government shutdown hanging in the balance House leaders have NOT yet decided exactly how they will proceed.

But as our hero Senator Ted Cruz said, when the bill returns to the Senate, “I hope that all 46 Republicans are united against ObamaCare and standing with the American people.”

Unfortunately for ‘We the People’ with the now exposed for all to see RINOS in the Senate…led by the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham…that will probably NOT happen.And at the heart of yesterday’s vote…of yesterday’s betrayal…is the procedure known as ‘cloture’… the only procedure by which the Senate can vote to place a time limit on consideration of a bill, thereby overcoming a filibuster and forcing a vote. However, that only works in the Senate NOT for the House and some in the House have already hinted about a filibuster when the bill comes back to them.But with that comes Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s threat that if the House does NOT pass the Senate bill as is that the government will shut down early next week. In a televised statement from the White House after the Senate vote, Obama accused the Republicans of “political grandstanding” and said the GOP-controlled House now has the fate of a potential government shutdown in its hands.

Oh how that man loves to blame everybody but where the true blame belongs…with himself.

Bloviating that he will NOT negotiate with Republicans (but he will negotiate with Iranian terrorists) over the debt ceiling increase because he’s heard that a few Republicans have alluded that they might now tie the defunding of ObamaCare to the debt ceiling debate, Obama acts once again like a spoiled child stamping his feet as he whined, “My message to Congress is this: do not shut down the government, do not shut down the economy, pay our bills on time.”

Do NOT do this…do NOT do that…Obama does NOT understand that NO one takes his threats seriously…NOT after his ‘red lines’ fiasco, and Vladimir Putin proving himself to be more of a leader than he is.

And NO matter his bloviations Obama does NOT get that we could pay our bills on time if he had bothered to learn Economics 101…do NOT spend more than you take in…if he understood that the government being shut down is NO biggie as it’s been shut down many times before…if he accepted as fact that our economy would be so much better if he had even an inkling of how to run the ‘business’ of government…if he would admit that he has NO idea how to create jobs and put Americans (legal Americans) back to work…and if he and those who orbit around him would accept the fact that one being a ‘community organizer’ does NOT make for a successful president.

So in lieu of yesterday’s vote the bottom line is this…more than half (57%) of the country wants nothing to do with ObamaCare and do NOT want it forced down their throats…more than half the country says NO to raising the debt ceiling…more than half the country knows that by Congress exempting itself from ObamaCare that in and of itself is an admission of how bad it is, and that ‘We the People’ will be the ones footing the bill for their private health care with our taxpayer dollars and they could care less.

And the 23 RINOS who voted ‘YES’ on cloture are now exposed for all to see for they knew full well that a vote to invoke cloture was indeed a vote for ObamaCare, and they knew full well that a ‘YES’ vote would allow ObamaCare to grow and thrive at the expense of the middle class who are hurting enough under this miserable excuse of a president and his equally miserable administration… and they voted for cloture anyway.

So again many thanks to America’s new shining star, Senator Ted Cruz, for standing strong against ‘Prince’ Harry Reid who wished he would have just shut-up and gone away, and to the 19 Republican Senators who were strong of conviction and courageous enough to join him and vote the will of their constituents…to vote on behalf of ‘We the People’…to vote ‘NO’ on a bill that is NOTHING but a nightmare come to life…and let the 23 RINOS who did NOT know that they will hear our voices loud and clear come their re-election day…a day that can’t come soon enough for me.

 The Real RINO Lindsey Graham: Time For A Pink Slip!

by Brittany Pounders
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

If you are a political junkie like I am, or perhaps you just have a love of country and care about the integrity and safe guarding of it’s principles, this primary season is an exhilarating time. I’m already beginning to feel the heat of the grassroots fire that is starting all over this great country to rid Congress this primary season of the useless, spineless, middle of the road RINOs who have betrayed the Republican party time and time again. I have a list, rest assured, but one Senate race in particular stands out and I’m confident that Patriots all over this nation would agree with me that it would be one less parasite in the Senate if we could put Lindsey Graham in the unemployment line.Lindsey Graham has been one of the wimpiest, wishy-washy, whiniest Republicans in the Senate. He’s been far more concerned with being politically expedient than being right or voting the values of the South Carolinians who elected him. He has represented compromise in it’s very worst form. In fact, let’s take a look back in history at the worthless Senate chair that Graham plants his derriere.

Read more at http://clashdaily.com/2013/08/the-real-rino-lindsey-graham-time-for-a-pink-slip/#gcw4AGddm68ZQJ6s.99 

Rino Soup
Rino Hunter

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John McCain - The Country's biggest Rino. The RINO "Poster Child".


A majority of conservatives distrust RINO John McCain even though many of his policies are that of a true conservative. Key RINO principles rejected by McCain include support for gay rights, support for abortion, and support for earmarks. He has positioned his career as a bipartisan moderate, reaching across the aisle whenever possible. This is also his downfall. The era of reaching across the aisle passed -- when statistsocialist Democrats became Senators. His major political blunders mostly came during the 21st century political period. He was against both the Reagan and Bush tax cuts, and employed class warfare rhetoric in trying to stop the tax cuts from taking effect. His support for amnesty was the complete opposite of what conservatives wanted. He has always complained about enhanced interrogation techniques, calling them "torture". In non-election years, he likes to trash conservative positions and icons in order to get the media's and Democrats' approval. However, during the election he refused to go after Barack Hussein Obama's associations with Jeremiah Wright. He believes in the junk science known as global warming, and has supported cap-and-trade programs. Another Middle East war, without a goal, without full commitment to win, without Congressional approval- McCain supports the President. It didn't stop there and in July 2011, he called the Tea Party, the people that care about fiscal sanity in Washington, they are "hobbits".

The sacrifices he has made serving this country cannot be overlooked. John McCain has earned war hero status but also the status as a D.C. zero. 

Posted by Kristin Tate,on  http://benswann.com

 On the Senate floor, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas gave a 21-hour anti-Obamacare speech. Cruz started the marathon speech on Tuesday, and continued into Wednesday.
But not all Republicans appreciated Cruz’s words. Senator John McCain from Arizona took issue with Cruz’s “filibuster,” specifically his reference to Nazi Germany.
One talking point that bothered McCain was when Cruz said, “If you go to the 1940s, Nazi Germany, look, we saw in Britain, Neville Chamberlain, who told the British people, ‘Accept the Nazis. Yes, they’ll dominate the continent of Europe but that’s not our problem. Let’s appease them. Why? Because it can’t be done. We can’t possibly stand against them.’”
 McCain vehemently said, “I do not agree with that comparison. I think it’s wrong.”
The senator then went on to argue that the public does indeed support Obamacare, since they reelected Obama. “The people spoke,” he said. “Elections have consequences.


Former RINOs who have since left the Republican Party

  • Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson supports same-sex marriage and abortion (although he opposes abortion once the fetus becomes viable outside the mother's body). After switching to the Libertarian Party in 2012 to run for President, he openly admitted that he governed New Mexico for eight years as a RINO, even using the phrase "Republican in name only" on multiple occasions. The Libertarian Party is liberal on social issues (with the exception that they support gun rights) but are fiscally very conservative.
  • Former Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania supported ObamaCare and switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party to give the latter a 60-40 edge in the Senate and allow them to enact cloture on the Republican filibuster.
  • Former Senator Lowell Weicker of Connecticut, who left the party and formed his own local one in 1990, then became an Independent in 1995.
  • Former Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont, who left the Party and became a Democrat in 2001, giving control of the Senate to the Democrats.
  • Former Representative John Anderson of Illinois, who became an Independent after losing his party's presidential primary in 1980.
  • Former Governor Buddy Roemer of Louisiana, who became an Independent after losing his party's presidential primary in 2012.

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