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 Ben Swann

 Benjamin "Ben" Swann (born 17 July 1978) is an award-winning television reporter who has worked in New Mexico, Texas and Ohio. While at Fox 19 in Cincinnati, Ohio, he produced a fact-checking series entitled Reality Check, which gave him national coverage for his reporting about controversial issues. Swann announced he was leaving Fox19 at the end of May 2013, and on 30 May, he said he would launch a crowdsource funded "Truth in Media Project" to continue production of his show Full Disclosure through a Chicago production team.

Full Disclosure

The Ben Swann Radio Show.


Dr. Gina  Loudon

 Dr. Gina Loudon has 2 Masters Degrees and a PhD in psychological fields (Psychology [WWU]; Counseling Education [SLU]; Human Development [FGU];  Human and Organizational Systems [FGU]). She is co-author of Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor. She is credited as one of the “100 Founding Members” of the Nationwide Tea Party movement, Founder of Arizona BUYcott, and originator of the field of Policology–the nexus of politics and psychology.

Dr. Gina does a radio show broadcast both terrestrially, and on this site daily.  The Dr. Gina Show focuses on living well, and the psychological aspects of culture. 

You can find more of her work at World Net Daily and Politichicks.TV.



 Led by PolitiChicks anchors Morgan Brittany, Gina Loudon and Ann-Marie Murrell, their Nationwide PolitiChicks are independent, accomplished Conservative women.

Politichicks TV 

 Published on Jun 15, 2013

In his usual forthright candor, Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer explains to Ann-Marie Murrell why people are being directed not to call Islamic terrorists the name they call themselves--Islamic jihadists. From the American Freedom Alliance conference in California.


Dave Blount 

The Name 

 I didn’t get to be 41 years old because a month after I turned forty-one I started thinking I had turned forty-two instead — after a while they all start running together. So rather than being cheated out of being a forty-one year old I changed the site’s name to I’m 41! I plan on staying 41 from now on :)

Check out Mike Gundy’s epic “I’m A Man! I’m 40!” rant — where the idea for the name came from.

 Help Kickstart World War III! – Mark Levin Plays Funny Parody Mocking Liberals Supporting War In Syria – Video

 The bloggers at my conservative networking blog Conservative Blogs Centralwere getting cheated because I post on it too much. It is hard for the 100 authors to get read while I am taking up all of the blog space with my nonsense.

So I created this blog, and invited just a couple of the best bloggers out there to help out.

BTW – my pen name Conservative Blogs Central = conservativeBC – now down to just BC…

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